Local woman, Claire Bryant, instigated the very first celebration of local wild food.

Her wine cellar was very well stocked with a home brew of West Coast gorse flower wine and people were clamouring for a taste of her rose petal brew. So why not a festival celebrating the tastes of the wild West Coast? With the event coinciding with the 125th anniversary of the birth of Hokitika, in March 1990, the Festival was born.

And so it eventuated, locals and the rest of New Zealand were captured by the magic of the idea - a celebration of Hokitika and the wild foods of the West Coast. Since then, the Wildfoods Festival has become an iconic and premier special event in New Zealand

New wild foods are introduced every year, with the festival exhibiting an assortment of crazy and creative foods. Festival-goers have the opportunity to try crocodile bites, chicken feet, grasshoppers, colostrum cheesecake, mountain oysters and the infamous stallion protein shots.

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Sheep Stomach


Delicious Drench


Cricket Crunch


Afrodisiac Oyster