2018 Stallholders

A celebration of all things wild from the West Coast, the Hokitika Wildfoods Festival has something for everyone.

Festival-goers can enjoy all the usual wild treats with some exciting gourmet options.

For the foodies there is marinated tuna, whitebait patties, gourmet sausages, smoked salmon, an assortment of game meats, a traditional Maori hangi and various international cuisines.


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For a challenge, experience some of the wilder foods...

In 2017 we had the iconic Festival huhu grubs on the menu again along with mountain oysters, duck heads, crocodile bites, fish eyes, scorpions, pork blood casserole, baby octopus, worms, deep fried pigs ears and snails! Yum!

The Festival is all about exposing your palate to something new, so bring an open mind and come sink your teeth into #ATasteOfTheWild on Saturday 10 March 2018!